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Muslim Directory App Privacy Policy Statement
Muslim Directory App (referred to as MD App hereinafter) respects the privacy of your data and is committed to securing your personal information. This privacy policy serves to explain how MD App collects, uses, manages, discloses and safeguards user’s information. MD App ensures that your information is kept confidential. We are committed to exceeding privacy regulations outlined by data protection and privacy regulations in the US.

What information Does Muslim Directory App Collect from users?
MD App collects user’s names, email addresses, phone numbers, and GPS location solely for the purpose of enhancing the user’s application experience. MD App NEVER shares or sells user’s personal information or location to any third parties, contractors, brokers or US Agencies.

What Does Muslim Directory App use the collected Data for?
MD App collects data solely for the purpose of enhancing the user’s application experience. User’s names, email addresses and phone numbers are collected to keep users up-to-date on MD features and services via phone and email communications. Management of the GPS location allows MD App to find and list local services within your specified locale. Data collected from registrants who provide business information for posting is also used accordingly. Business names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and any other information that is provided by registrants for the purpose of posting is used solely for the intended purpose. Business data intended for posting is never sold to third parties or other entities.

How does Muslim Directory App Safeguard your information?
MD App provides top security features via end-to-end encryption of all data collected. Your personal information is securely stored and protected in MD’s database.

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Privacy Policy