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Register with Muslim Directory App and join the largest network of Muslim Businesses, organizations in USA and Canada. Target your customers on large scale with of the best available Islamic App or Muslim App. You can offer coupons as a business with our latest easy to use tools and can increase the traffic to your business in just no time.

The Muslim Directory App not only has big businesses like restaurants, grocery and Islamic clothing stores but we also give space to online businesses, small businesses like local baby-sitters, tailors, Muslim Taxi drivers, freelancers, cleaning services, etc.. We also have a comprehensive list of Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and other professional service providers making this app the only app in North America that connects diverse spectrum of the Muslim community together.

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We run the brand awareness campaign for our registered Muslim business owners. Once you register with our Muslim directory App, we display your full business on our app with accurate directions to your business and one click to call facility. You can also provide brief information about your business and the different services that you are offering on our App.

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By installing our free Islamic App and an amazing Muslim App from Muslim Directory website or App Store, you can explore the whole world of Muslim community in just few clicks. Whether you're looking for nearby halal restaurants or you're shopping for an Abaya or thobe from an Islamic clothing store, you can get the full information of all the businesses whether it's small, medium or big, we have it all. App allows you to also find nearby masjids in the area or anywhere in USA or Canada.

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